​She’s Samantha, the sexiest cop in America is a crime not to see all her photos

Samantha Sepúlveda a sensual Dominican has become a great sensation in new York and in different places

Who besides being a very exemplary police full-time does not leave aside the sensuality that radiates as a model of Instagram. That way he has been called the most sensual police in America.
The most sensual police who all want to know
He has a total of 288,000 followers in his Instagram account to love everyone with his sensual photographs. “It’s two different jobs and I don’t put them together.” When I’m a cop I have my uniform and I take my job seriously, when I’m a model it serves me to relax and feel like a woman, said Samantha.

He is 33 years old born in the Dominican Republic and grew up as a child in the United States with his mother and older sister. Unconsciously he felt he should be the man of the house and made the decision to devote his life to being a policeman to protect them.

For 7 years he has been in the police department in new York and at work he wears his impeccable uniform with his hair collected. His work as a model has been recognized in different countries by appearing in magazines such as Maxim and FHM.

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